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ALOV - Offshore Software Outsourcing Company
ALOV Software Outsourcing Development company, Russia How Offshore Software Outsourcing works? Outsourcing Workflow.

Bespoke Software Development Process

Project Management Methodology

ALOV Project Managers are proficient in modern technologies of Software Development Process. They utilize industry proven and certified project management methodologies.

RUP (Rational Unified Process) is the mainstream methodology for larger software development projects. For smaller projects we utilize Scrum - a project management method for Agile software development methodology. Each particular engagement process is tailored to meet specific customer requirement. The customer has the deciding vote on the choice of the methodology for a particular project.


The project process is completely transparent and highly manageable; therefore, our clients are able to control all stages of project implementation. Time spent on the project is controlled through a web-based tool, and customers may review it at any moment. ALOV has a strict policy on filling out timesheet records, so the customer can be absolutely sure that the system shows the most current information.

We manage the list of risks for all critical projects. The reports about status of identified risks and issues that can affect project deadline are delivered immediately on customer's demand.


Two ALOV team leaders are assigned for critical and large-scale projects.

  • Project manager is a technical leader for the project, who is responsible for the technical success and quality of the project.
  • Project coordinator is a point of contact for all client communications. Updates of specifications, reporting, status tracking, risk list management are his/her responsibility.

The senior management monitors all project progress permanently.


ALOV can efficiently manage any project scale, small or large. We use individual approaches for each project. The customization of the Development Process for a particular project is a standard practice of the project lifecycle. Usually such adjustment is performed in consultation with the customer. Clients control all stages of project implementation. Every step is negotiable.

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