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ALOV Software Outsourcing Development company, Russia Outsourcing Software Development Principles: Trust, Security, Privacy, Quality and Transparent workflow

Outsourcing Software Development Principles


If you share business ideas or entrust a critical task with someone, this person must be trustworthy. Misunderstanding or mistrust may prevent even the simplest software project from being successful. ALOV has chosen Trust as our main principle when communicating with our existing and new customers. Our team seeks close collaboration with customers based on mutual understanding, and it is trust that we value the most and care the most about. To gain a client's trust, our fundamental principles of cooperation are: Security, Privacy, Quality and Transparent workflow.


We ensure safety and security of source code and confidential information on each stage of the software development process. Our company supports strict security policies and standards.

ALOV office premises are located in a secure building and protected by an advanced access control system. Our information management practices and infrastructure availability eliminate the risk of losing data and suffering from unprotected intellectual property rights. We maintain all necessary continuity plans and actions to ensure continuous operation.


You can be assured that your work is kept confidential and your Intellectual Property is respected. Most of the projects we do are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Moreover, some clients choose to keep in secret both the project information and the fact that they have hired our team to assist them. We do not disclose any information about our clients and their projects without the customer's written permission.

ALOV is sensitive to respecting Intellectual Property rights, security and working under the US and EU standards. We welcome clients to settle all legal issues through our US and EU representatives.


Quality is the main aim of our efforts. ALOV puts the greatest effort on quality assurance and guarantees the highest quality of every single application we develop. Our quality standards, quality assurance policies and code guidelines provide for achieving the high quality of software. The success of our projects depend considerably upon the work and experience of our Quality Assurance team.

To guarantee the effectiveness and thoroughness of the testing, ALOV Quality Assurance team uses the most up-to-date technologies. A planned and systematic pattern of actions ensures that the developed system conforms to the technical requirements. Some of the techniques we use to assure the system's proper functionality include:

  • Functional (black-box) testing
  • Performance Testing (profiling and benchmarking)
  • Configuration testing (different environments, operation systems, browsers)
  • Automated Testing
  • Stress Testing
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