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Engagement Models for Project Outsourcing

Our engagement models reflect the maturity and complexity of specifications, technologies, processes and other factors that guarantee successful delivery. We offer project outsourcing services on the basis of the following models:

Fixed Price

Fixed Price Model means there is a fixed cost and specified delivery date. It is suitable for the for small or mid size projects with available detailed Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) that are specifically defined in terms of their requirements, schedules, and project path.

Such a model typically leaves little scope for modifications and additions during the project implementation. A customer dealing with this approach should be a knowledgeable person in the business domain and should have an understanding of the software development process. On our side, we analyze the client's requirements in order to prevent further changes to the software requirements specification and develop an exact plan at a very detailed level so that all risks are identified and all assumptions are explicit.

Time and Material

Time and Material Model is preferred for the scalable, long-term projects where the total effort can not be estimated in advance. In these types of projects the development process needs control and improvement upon delivery of each iteration. It provides the flexibility to manage the team size and each team member's task during the implementation. A pre-agreed hourly rate is based on the resources utilized and the time spent for the project.


We can customize any model to address the specific need of our clients which ensures their competitive advantages in a changing market place.

  • Time and material with a budget limit
  • Fixed Price with milestone-based billing
  • Combination of various models. E.g. Time and material for definition and prototyping and Fixed rates for development and testing

Resource Based Engagement Model

If you need to obtain full control over the development process, resources and results you should consider our Resource Based Engagement Model - Offshore Dedicated Center Services. Read more about ODC services

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